Zelda Botw: Who wants to defeat Leunen in record time, may not be afraid of carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have pain in the wrists from many gambling (or writing, cough), be warned: this trick in Zelda: Breath of the game should not be for you. On the contrary, possibly already preparing to watch this video phantom pain and a carpal tunnel syndrome. To be called: To defeat a golden leoon in record time, you have to apply a very strange technique to which it belongs to how wild to turn the controller.

Zelda Botw: Record fighting technique is nothing for weak wrists

It's about it: In Zelda Breath of the Wild, Golden Leunen are the biggest challenge. The beasts are only available in master mode and to defeat them as quickly as possible is their own kind of challenge in the Speedrun and Zelda Botw -Community. Now a new, especially faster trick was discovered.

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This is how the trick works: To do a golden leoon in record time, you have to take advantage of a glitch. This can be done very easily and ensures that your weapon always makes harm, even if you do not swing in a conventional manner. But that works only on the back of your horse.

In addition, of course, you should also get the best possible out of damage from your weapon. This is due to the triple attack buff, which lend to certain foods. On the other hand, you should create the ancient armor set and make sure to trigger the glitch while it rides fast.

Then you can pass trees in passing trees and the like, completely without having to swing the weapon. At the same time, this means that you can now handle motion control if you have not switched off you. Then you just have to find the leave and it can start.

How in detail expires (and how painful that looks possible), this video shows Gamespot and Zelda Botw-Profi Max Blumenthal Aka Rinhara5aki:

Link to YouTube content

To defeat the leaving then within only six and a half seconds , of course, everything must be right: the right distance, the optimal timing and also the momentum, with which the controller or the JOY-CONS your switch is hidden and Moving. If you have no concerns about the durability of your wrists, you can try it yourself.

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Zelda_fans obviously still work on Breath of the Wild. But there are alternatives: The Remaster to Zelda Skyward Sword HD has just been released for the switch. At some point next year, Zelda BotW 2 finally expects the Sequel to Nintendos Mega Blockbuster.

How do you find the trick? Do you test yourself and you already had pain from gambling?


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